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Capitan Left

38,00 IVA incluido

Handled ascender for rope climbs. Ergonomic, non-slip handgrip for better grip and insulation. This handgrip has two holes at the bottom to connect two carabiners for the pedal and anchorage. Grip for right hand.



  • Material: Aluminium
  • Size/Large of item: 90x200mm
  • Size of Packaging cm (width x deep x high): 120x50x250
  • Packaging unit: 1
  • Format: Blister + PES bag
  • Weight: 242g
  • Net weight of item: 0.248
  • Gross weight of item: 0.258
  • Standard CEN: EN567
  • Standard UIAA: 126
  • Rope pith diameter: Ø8 to 12mm
  • Breaking Strength: 20kN


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